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Aidaform is a form-building website that gives you the ability to build any kind of form, survey or other such digital document for customers, guests and users of a company's products or services to sign up and communicate through. Forms are an important part of any online business, especially now that pages like those with contact forms are being used less and less. When information is needed from any site visitor before a conversation, or users are signing up for a service or engaging in any other form of communication with the company, forms are a go-to method.

Aidaform is one of the newest form-building sites to step in to provide companies the ability to build clean-looking forms, and it performs relatively well against the existing competition.

Using Aidaform
Navigating the site is relatively simple to do, thanks to its clean, easy-to-use interface with a modern look. Once you're on the dashboard, you can begin building your form straight away. Its convenience lies in the inclusion of various templates for you to build from while also giving you the freedom to design your own from scratch. The templates cover a broad range of industries, giving businesses of most types easy access to a quick form builder. From there, you can simply use the drag and drop functionality to build your form.

There are three crucial sections in the interface that will allow you to build the form from the top down with three areas of customization built around the page. With the setup tab, you can create thank you pages that show up after the form has been submitted. You can even choose to optimize your form around SEO so the page itself shows up more frequently.

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By playing around with the traits tab, you can change the format between a traditional form or a conversational interface, giving the user a question to answer in order to be directed to the next part of the form. In this way, you can truly customize every aspect of your anticipated interaction with the customer through forms.

There is a free version of the site available that will allow you to receive up to 100 responses a month with unlimited surveys and form types you can create using the basic tools. When you start moving up to the Lite and Pro packages, which cost $9 and $19 USD respectively, you are given even more room to grow with unlimited messages, integration with social sites, file uploads, real time dashboards and more. The company seems to be constantly updating the types of actions that users can take, and with all of that room to grow in the future, the existing features and the ones to come make it a good idea to get the subscription service—especially if you have a coupon for a discount - Aidaform Pro Coupons

Final Thoughts
With free to relatively inexpensive packages available at a maximum price of $19, Aidaform is an overall good site for businesses on a limited budget who need to create forms and surveys to communicate with their customers. The site provides great savings for those who need this type of capability and makes it easier to access.

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